The world’s leading beer brands trust Tankbeer with their full brewery fresh solutions

The tank-a-rator, a ‘plug and play’ mobile bar solution for your event

Lifespan of product inside tanks is as good or better than traditional storage methods



We started Tankbeer® UK in 2013 to meet the growing demand for large storage solutions at events and to fulfil the ever-higher consumer expectations for superior quality beer. The materials used have a lifespan averaging over 20 years, which is unique to the industry, making Tankbeer® installations a lasting and sustainable solution for any environment. From the start, Tankbeer® has grown at an incredible rate, and now has offices in London and Berlin, with a further distribution centre in Manchester and Glasgow.

We are Tankbeer®

We are incredibly passionate about beer. We believe everyone deserves to drink great beer and experience it as it would be drunk in the brewery, which is why we’re always committed to delivering the highest possible quality beer to consumers. We can offer full turnkey beer storage and dispensing solutions across the pub, event and venue sectors. This gives us the ability to deliver fresh, unpasteurised and even unfiltered beer, straight from the brewery. We install the tank systems, pick up beer from the brewery and deliver it, week in week out, into the outlet.


  1. Brewer quality beer is ensured constantly
  2. Full service solution, including training
  3. Complete control over product
  4. No CO2 is required
  5. Lifespan of product inside tanks is as good or better than traditional storage methods
  6. Space saving and less labour-intensive handling
  7. Reduced wastage
  8. Potential for extending the life of the beer
  9. Brewery fresh beer
  10. Efficient and innovative
  11. Reduces carbon footprint
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Tankbeer® is accredited to perform the highest quality PED and maintenance checks.

The installation is the first step to a permanent turnkey Tankbeer® solution, which includes:

  • Scope
  • Survey
  • Structural reporting
  • Installations
  • Refilling
  • Service and maintenance
  • Product storage and logistics

Excited by the prospect of premium, unpasteurised and brewery fresh beer? Need more cellar space? Would you like to create an amazing consumer experience

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Tanks powered by

The tanks are cooled by cooling spirals coiled around the full length of the tank. It takes about 20 hours for the content of a full tank to cool down by 5˚C. In case of a power failure, at an ambient temperature of 30˚C, it will take 24 hours for the entire contents of the tank to rise no more than 1˚C. This is due to the high quality finish and insulation property of the tanks.

If you’d like to receive technical details of the Mueller process, brewing and serving tanks, please send an email to and we will provide you with the requested information.

Tankbeer® is proud to be exclusive distributor of Mueller serving tanks. Mueller is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers dairy beer and process tanks, which are used in over 100 countries in a wide variety of applications. Since its inception in 1940, Mueller has evolved into a global process solution provider with nearly one million square feet of manufacturing space under its’ roof. Mueller has production facilities in the Netherlands, Vietnam and America and is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Mueller is listed on the American Stock Exchange (trade name MUEL).


To summarise, our four solutions for events are: Event tanks • Beer truck • Delivery unit • Tank-a-rator

Tankbeer® serves some of the world’s highest profile events. The Tankbeer® mobile setup has all the benefits of the fixed setup, at a rental fee. The tank system enables events to have one centralised location for beer storage, making it incredibly easy for the events to distribute and dispense beer without having to put local cellars behind multiple bars. The Mueller tank system can be connected with up to 24 lines and allows us to push beer over 150 metres to the dispense point. The tanks can be stacked and are easily branded if appropriate.

To summarise, our four solutions for events are: Event tanks • Beer truck • Delivery unit • Tank-a-rator

The event tanks are easy to load using a forklift and can be stacked 3 high. Event tanks are available in the 500 and 1,000 litre format and can be supplied with wheels. 

Additionally, we have our own beer truck with 10 x 1,000 litres capacity. For large events and high volume outlets we can also provide a delivery unit. This unit can connect to any road tanker or high volume format.

Tankbeer® has an additional event service bar solution, which we call the tank-a-rator. This is a ‘plug and play’ mobile bar that comes in either a 250 or 500 litre capacity.


We deliver fresh beer from the brewery to the outlet. Our team is highly trained and knows exactly how to maintain the excellent quality of the beer during the transfer process. The world’s leading beer brands trust Tankbeer® with their full brewery fresh solutions, including the pick up, storage, transportation and transfer of the product. We are proud to work with a large, growing number of breweries throughout the world.

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The Team

The Tankbeer® team is fully dedicated to spread our passion for brewery fresh beer. Meet the people who serve our clients through our full service solution!

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Do you have a passion for beer, great people and being part of a growing business? Don’t hesitate and apply for a job as a fill or technical engineer at Tankbeer®. We are continuously looking for new enthusiastic and motivated team members!

You will be required to work flexible hours nationwide to meet our clients’ service needs. This could also involve early or long working hours. The position involves working with our installations at pubs, restaurants and events to fill beer and service components of the system worldwide. These are hands on technical roles that require a great attitude, an incredibly strong work ethic, an ability to work in a team and a willingness to learn.

Tankbeer® is a dynamic, fast paced and growing company, so if you are seeking growth, this is the place to be.

In order to drive our vehicles, a clean driving license is required. Interested in our job opportunities? Please mail your CV along with availability to


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