Get your crowd the perfect beer

In order to maintain the high standard of service in an ever-changing economic landscape, the event and pub industry constantly searches for innovative cost reducing solutions. TANKBEER achieves this by markedly increasing the quality of the consumer offering while delivering substantial and sustainable long term cost savings.

TANKBEER® UK provides a complete solution for your event: ‘Brewery fresh’ beer is delivered to right where it is needed. The solution requires hardly any handling, no Co2… Resulting in perfect beer to your taps and consumers.

  • Straight from the brewery
  • Constant & optimal quality
  • Temperature controlled
  • No CO2 needed
  • Less handling
  • Constant flow of beer
  • Cost saving
  • Innovative
  • Remotely measured
  • Space saving


TANKBEER® UK is a new and innovative company for the UK market, which offers a range of products and services for high volume events and outlets.


Fixed tanks for Stadia, pubs, multipurpose outlets and conference halls. The tanks can be fixed in the basement for further distribution throughout the venue. /p>


TANKBEER® UK is available for your next event with our ’mobile’ setup option: Offering all the benefits of a fixed setup, but at a rental fee. Tanks can easily be placed in remote areas and can be simply filled straight from the truck.


TANKBEER®: The complete solution, from tank to tap. TANKBEER® UK also provides beer trucks and will supply all logistics and equipment needed.